25 January 2012

Teberda-Dombai - 1.

Dombai. Lake Kluhor (2700). On the top of the mountain Mussa-Achitara.
Dombai. Kluhhori järv. Mussa-Achitara mäel.
Домбай. Озеро Клухор (2700 м) и Клухорский перевал (2782 м). На вершине Мусса-Ачитара.

Postcard from the set "Teberda Dombai", 1973.

Postkaardikomplektist "Teberda Dombai", 1973.

Открытка из комплекта "Теберда-Домбай", 1973.

My collection.

* Dombai is a mountainous country in Karachaevo-Cherkessia (Russian North Caucasus) , in the Kuban river basin. Dombai - one of the most popular mountain resorts of the Caucasus. Mountain Dombai-Ulgen, 4040 m, is the highest pea of the region. Dombai is often called "the heart of mountains". It is surrounded by them from the every side. Dombai is situated in the territory of the Teberda National Park. You can find there not only the grand mountains. In Teberda and Dombai region there are many waterfalls, high-mountain lakes and unique forests and plants.

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