18 October 2012

Teberda-Dombai - 8.

1.-2. Sukhum Military Track.
1.-2. Suhhumi sõjatee.
1.-2.  Военно-Сухумская дорога

* In ancient times Sukhum Military Track was known as "A Turkish path". It was the basic caravan track connecting Kolkhida with the Caspian region. The surroundings are literally packed with various monuments of ancient architecture.

1. Hotel in Dombai. 2. Russian winter.
1. Hotell Dombais. 2. Vene talv.
1. Гостиница в Домбай. 2. Русская зима.

* Postcards from the set "Teberda Dombai", 1973.
* Postkaardikomplektist "Teberda Dombai", 1973.
* Открытки из комплекта "Теберда-Домбай", 1973.

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