7 May 2013

Vasily Chapayev. (Cheboksary. Russia. 1973 - 6.)

Cheboksary. Monument to Vasily Chapayev.

Tšeboksarõ. Vassili Tšapajevi mälestussammas.

Чебоксары. Памятник В. И. Чапаеву. Cкульптор П. Баландин, архитектор В. Морозов.

Postcard, 1973.
My collection.

* Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev or Chapaev (1887-1919) was a celebrated Russian soldier and Red Army commander during the Russian Civil War. After the Soviet Union had been established, Chapayev was immortalized by Soviet propaganda as a hero of the Russian Civil War in a popular book by Dmitri Furmanov and a 1934 movie. The German actor and singer Ernst Busch also recorded the song "Tschapajews Tod", which talks about his death in the Ural. In later years Chapayev became a recurring character in numerous Russian jokes. More recently, he became one of the central characters in the novel "Chapayev and Void" by modern Russian writer Viktor Pelevin. - Wikipedia.

* Vassili Tšapajev (1887-1919) oli Vene Kodusõja kangelaslik väejuht, kellest on raamatuid kirjutanud Dmitri Furmanov ja Viktor Pelevin, ka on tema kohta tehtud filme ja lauldud laule. Väga populaarsed on läbi aegade olnud anekdoodid Tšapajevist ja Petkast. 

* Василий Иванович Чапаев - начдив Красной армии, участник Первой мировой и Гражданской войны.

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