8 September 2014

Pushkin's Mikhailovskoye. Russia. 1964 - 6.

“Onegin’s Bench”. Trigorskoye.
"Onegini pink". Trigorskoje.
"Скамья Онегина". Тригорское.

Postcard, 1964.
My collection.

* "Onegin Bench" - one of the Trigorskoye park’s most picturesque spots in the shade of old limes and an oak tree. The family associated the “bench” with the scene in which Onegin and Tatiana meet and declare their feelings (Pushkin's “Eugene Onegin”).

* Set "Pushkin's Mikhailovskoye". Russia. 1964.
* Vene postkaardikogumik "Puškini kaitseala". 1964.
* Комплект открыток "Пушкинский заповедник". Россия. 1964.

See also: Pushkin A. S.
See also: "Onegin's bench". 1969.

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