25 February 2011

Tyumen - the capital of the oil-rich region. 1970 - 1.

The oil industry.
Нефтяники: Новый пейзаж Приобья.- Идёт замер добытой нефти. - Еще одна нефтяная магистраль.

Tyumen was the first Russian outpost in Siberia; it was founded in 16th century to support Russian expansion to Siberia. The town rapidly developed from a small military settlement into a large city of commerce and industry. It is the capital of the Tyumen Region (Oblast), an area that has seen significant economic growth over the past twenty years. This growth has been fueled by the discovery and exploitation of sizable oil fields. Currently the Tyumen Region produces 65 percent of Russia's oil and 87 percent of its gas.

* "Tyumen - the capital of the oil-rich region." 1970
* "Tjumeni naftapiirkonnas." 1970
* "В краю Тюменской нефти."

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