22 June 2011

The beginning of Great Patriotic War

Running from the Germans.
Põgenemine sakslaste eest.
От немцев. / худ к. Рудаков.
Postcard, 1945.

Partisans destroying a Nazi tank.
Partisanid hävitavad fašistide tanki. (Postkaardi tagaküljel kiri: Suur Isamaasõda /22. juuni 1941 - 9. mai 1945/.)
Партизаны уничтожают фашистский танк. / худ. Г. Траугот.
Postcard, 1943.

My collection.

* June 22, 1941 - the beginning of Great Patriotic War.
The term Great Patriotic War (Russian: Великая Отечественная война - Velíkaya Otéchestvennaya voyná) is used in Russia and some other states of the former Soviet Union to describe the portion of World War II from June 22, 1941, to May 9, 1945, against Nazi Germany and its allies in the Eastern Front. The term was coined following the German attack against the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 and was intended to motivate the population to defend the Soviet motherland and to expel the invader.

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