27 October 2011

Anton Chekhov in Yalta - 3.

1.-2. The House-museum of A. P. Chekhov.
A.Tšehhovi maja-muuseum.
Дом-музей А. П. Чехова.

1. The bench of Maxim Gorky in Chekhov's garden.
* Maxim Gorky (Alexei Maximovich Peshkov, 1868 – 1936) was a Russian and Soviet author, a founder of the Socialist Realism literary method. On this bench Chekhov used to sit engaged in long talks with Maxim Gorky. Perhaps, precisely here did Chekhov say to Gorky: 
"If every man has done on a piece of land all he could, how beautiful our earth would have been!"
"Maksim Gorki pink" Tšehhovi aias.
"Горковская скамья"  в чеховском саду.

2.Guest room.
Комната для гостей.

Postcard from the set "A. P. Chekhov in Yalta", 1984.

Postkaardikogumikust "A. P. Tšehhov Jaltas", 1984.

Открытка из комплекта "А. П. Чехов в Ялте". "Радянська Украина", 1984.

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