15 October 2011

The Bombing of Ploieşti's Oil Fields...

"The Bombing of Ploieşti's Oil Fields by Soviet Aviation" / V. Belkin.

"Nõukogude lennukid pommitavad Ploieşti naftatööstust" /V. Belkin.

"Бомбардировка советской авиацией нефтепромыслов в Плоешти" / В. Белкин

Postcard, 1944 ? . WWII
My collection.

* Ploieşti is the county seat of Prahova County and lies in the historical region of Wallachia in Romania. Although badly damaged after the November 1940 earthquake, the city was a significant source of oil for Nazi Germany. A target of the Oil Campaign of World War II (1941-1944), Ploieşti was attacked repeatedly, such as during the HALPRO raid, and Operation Tidal Wave. -- Wikipedia.

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