6 November 2011

"The Storming of the Winter Palace". Russia

"The Storming of the Winter Palace" / Vladimir Serov.
"Rünnak Talvepaleele" / Vl. Serov.
"Штурм Зимнего дворца" / В. А. Серов.

Postcard, 1943.(WWII)
My collection.

* The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was, from 1732 to 1917, the official residence of the Russian monarchs. The storming of the palace in 1917 became an iconic symbol of the Russian Revolution. Today, the palace forms part of the complex of buildings housing the Hermitage Museum.

* Владимир Александрович Серов (1910—1968) — советский живописец и график. В картинах Серова В. А. события Октябрьской революции интерпретирируются в духе официальной историографии 1940—1960 гг.

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