22 November 2011

Tolbukhin. Bulgaria. 1960

Tolbukhin / Dobrich. Bulgaria.
Tolbuhin / Dobrich. Bulgaaria.
Толбухин / Добрич. Болгария.

Postcard, 1960.
My collection.

* Dobrich is situated almost in the center of the Dobrudzha plateau, 50km to the north of Varna. The town bore the name of the Marshal of the Soviet Union Fyodor Tolbukhin for several decades during the Communist rule. On 19 September 1990, a presidential decree restored the city's old name of Dobrich.

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  1. A town stolen to Romania in 1940, taking advantage of the Second World War. The previous Romanian name had been Bazargic.
    In 1940 it changed also the destiny of Wilno-Vilnius, Petseri-Pechory, ...
    The sad events crossing the life in the border towns...


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