9 January 2012

Lviv. Ukraine. 1974 - 4.

Lviv. Museum of Old Arms (former City Arsenal).
Lvov. Vanade relvade muuseum (endine Lvovi Arsenal).
Львов. Музей старинного оружия (бывший городской арсенал).

Chapel of the Boims, architectural monument of the 17th century.
Boimi perekonna kabel. 17. saj.
Часовня Боимов - памятник архитектуры XXVII в.

Adam Mickiewicz Square.
Adam Mickiewiczi väljak.
Площадь Адама Мицкевича.

Postcards, 1974.
My collection.

* The Chapel of Boim family was built between 1609 and 1615; then the chapel was originally located in what used to be the city's main cemetery. Founded by mighty merchants, Jerzy Boim and his wife Jadwiga Niżniowska, the Boim chapel was finished by their son, Paweł Jerzy Boim. Attributed to Andrzej Bemer, the chapel is among the prime examples of mannerist architecture in Central Europe. It bears strong resemblance to the Sigismund's Chapel at the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków. - Wikipedia.

* Adam Bernard Mickiewicz (1798 – 1855) was a Polish (Polish-Lithuanian) poet, publisher and political writer of the Romantic period.

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