10 February 2012

Minsk. Belarus. 1974 - 1.

Minsk. 1. Monument to Lenin (Sculptor: M. Manizer). 2. Lenin Avenue. 3. The House-Museum, where the 1st Congress of the RSDLP was held.
Minsk. 1. Lenini mälestussammas. 2. Lenini prospekt. 3. Maja-muuseum, milles peeti Valgevene Sotsiaaldemokraatliku partei I kongress.
Минск. 1. Памятник В. И. Ленину (скульптор М. Манизер). 2. Ленинский проспект. 3. Дом-музей I съезда РСДРП.

Minsk. 1. The TV Centre. 2. Lenin Avenue.
Minsk. 1. Televisioonistuudio. 2. Lenini prospekt.
Минск. 1. Студия телевидения. 2. На Ленинском проспекте.

Postcards from the set "Minsk", 1974.
(<<<House of Government.)

My collection.

* Minsk is the capital and largest city in Belarus. 

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  1. I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to visit Minsk, but I've received a number of Postcrossing cards from there and it's made me curious.


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