2 April 2012

The Hussites. Matěj Louda z Chlumčan

Matěj Louda z Chlumčan.
(M.Aleš: Husitský hejtman Matěj Louda z Chlumčan na píseckém kamenném mostě (1426). -- cz.)

Postcard, 1960s or 1970s.
My collection.

* Matěj Louda z Chlumčan - Matthew Louda of Chlumcany, excellent Hussite warrior and diplomat, was born on the 14th century. He died in 1460 in Prague.

* Matěj Louda Chlumčanist - hussiidi sõdalane, hetman, legendaarne kangelane.

See also: The Hussites. Jan x 3. Czech

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