11 June 2013

Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. Russia. 1971 - 1.

Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. The main building.
Tomski Polütehnilise instituudi peahoone.
Томск. Политехнический институт имени С. М. Кирова. Главный корпус.

Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. The electron synchrotron “Sirius”.
Tomski Polütehniline Instituut. Sünkrotron "Sirius".
Томский политехнический институт. Синхротрон Сириус.

Postcards, 1971.
My collection.

* Tomsk Polytechnic Institute (now Tomsk Polytechnic University) is the oldest engineering higher school in the Asian part of Russia (established 1896).

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