24 February 2014

Great Coastal Gate and Fat Margaret Tower. Tallinn. Estonia

"Tallinn. Great Coastal Gate and Fat Margaret Tower" / Märt Bormeister (1916-1991) / Estonia.
"Tallinn. Rannavärav ja Paks Margareeta" / Märt Bormeister.
"Таллинн. Большие морские ворота и Толстая Маргарита"/ Мярт Бормейстер (1916-1991) / Эстония.

Postcard, 1955.
My collection.

* The Great Coastal Gate - the gate system on Pikk street originated in the 1300s, but it was during reconstruction in the early 16th century that the Fat Margaret cannon tower was added. Built from 1511 to 1530, this hefty, round tower has a diameter of 25 metres, a height of about 20 metres, and walls up to 5 metres thick. The origins of Fat Margaret's name are a mystery. Some theories insist it was named for one of its larger cannons, while others hint at a cook called Margaret who once worked here. In any case, the tower has served a number of different functions throughout its history. It has been used a storehouse for gunpowder and weapons, and as a prison. Now it's home to the Estonian Maritime Museum. - http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee

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