19 February 2014

“They Did Not Expect Him”

“They Did Not Expect Him” ("The Unexpected Return", 1884-1888) / Ilya Repin / The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow. Russia.
"Ei oodatud" / Ilja Repin / Tretjakovi Galerii, Moskva.
"Не ждали" (1884-1888) / Илья Репин /  Государственная Третьяковская галерея.

Postcard, 1956.
My collection.

* "The Unexpected Return" shows the unexpected homecoming of a Russian revolutionary from a forced settlement in Siberia. The older boy recognizes his father almost immediately, while the younger sister, too young to remember him, looks frightened.

Ilya Repin in this blog.

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