14 July 2014

"Kalev Proposing Marriage"

"Kalev Proposing Marriage" (1933) / Kristjan Raud (1865-1943) / Estonia.
"Kalev kosjas" (1933) / Kristjan Raud.
"Сватовство Калева" (1933) / Кристьян Рауд (1865-1943) / Эстония.

Postcard, 1965.
My collection.

* In Estonian mythology and Kreutzwald's epic poem "Kalevipoeg", King Kalev was the father of Kalevipoeg and the husband of Linda. Toompea, a hill in the centre of Tallinn, was said to be the tumulus over his grave, erected by Linda in memory of him. It is now Estonia's centre of government. In an old Russian chronicle the Estonian city of Tallinn was called Kolõvan. It probably meant Kalev city. - Wikipedia.

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