20 August 2014

Observatory on Dome Hill. Tartu. 1982

Observatory on Dome Hill. Tartu.
Tartu. Tähetorn Toomel.
Обсерватория на Тоомемяги. Тарту.

Postcard, 1982.
My collection.

* The Tartu Observatory was founded at the Imperial University of Dorpat as it was reopened in 1802. The observatory building was completed in 1810 on the Toome (Dome) hill in Dorpat. From 1813 to 1820, Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve (1793-1864) collected data at the Dorpat  (Tartu) Observatory, and in 1820 became a full professor and director of the observatory. Struve was occupied with research on double stars and geodesy in Dorpat until 1839.

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