14 September 2014

Red Square. Moscow. 1955

Moscow. Red Square. Lenin's and Stalin's Mausoleum.
Moskva. Punane väljak. Lenini ja Stalini mausoleum.
Москва. Красная площадь. Мавзолей В. И. Ленина и И. В. Сталина.

Postcard, 1955.
My collection.

* Lenin died on January 21, 1924. Two days later architect Aleksey Shchusev was charged with building a structure suitable for viewing of the body by mourners. A wooden tomb, in Red Square by the Kremlin wall, was ready January 27, and later that day Lenin's coffin was placed in it. /- - -/
By August 1924, Shchusev had replaced the tomb with a larger one, and Lenin's body transferred to a sarcophagus designed by architect Konstantin Melnikov. /- - -/
... the next year a new mausoleum of marble, porphyry, granite, and labradorite (by Alexey Shchusev, I.A. Frantsuz and G.K. Yakovlev) was completed. /- - -/
Joseph Stalin's embalmed body shared a spot next to Lenin's, from the time of his death in 1953 until October 31, 1961, when Stalin was removed as part of de-Stalinization and Khrushchev's Thaw, and buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis outside the walls of the Kremlin.
- Wikipedia.

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