30 September 2014

Szeged. Chiming Clock. Hungary. 1974

Szeged. Chiming clock. Hungary.
Szeged. Mängukell. Ungari.
Сегед. Часы с музыкой. Венгрия.

Postcard, 1974.
My collection.

* One of the specialities of Szeged is the musical clock as a symbol of mediaeval universities built in the wall of the square’s building opposite to the main entrance of the Cathedral. The clock, unique in Hungary is by Ferenc Csúri Szeged clockmaker and its figures are by József Kulai woodcarver. It was in 1936 when for the first time the musical clock played its tunes during the Open Air Festival. - http://www.budapest.com/hungary/szeged/sights/musical_clock.en.html
A chiming clock plays the folk song "Szeged, a famous town" at midday.
Detail from the postcard:


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