21 November 2011

"Portrait of the Actress Pelageya Strepetova"

"Portrait of the Actress Pelageya Strepetova" (1881) / Ilya Repin / The State Tretyakov Gallery.  Moscow. Russia.

"Näitlejanna Pelageja Strepetova portree" / Ilja Repin / Tretjakovi Galerii. Moskva.

"Портрет актрисы П. А. Стрепетовой" (1882) / Илья Репин /  Государственная Третьяковская галерея.

Postcard, 1974
My collection.

* Pelageya Strepetova (1850 - 1903) was a Russian tragical actress. She specialized in the roles of the poor and humiliated, exhausted by life women.

* Ilya Repin in this blog.

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