21 December 2013

"Arrived for the Holidays"

"Arrived for the Holidays" (1948) / Fyodor Reshetnikov (1906-1988) / The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
"Saabunud koolivaheajaks" (1948) / Fjodor Rešetnikov (1906-1988) / Tretjakovi Galerii, Moskva.
"Прибыл на каникулы" (1948) / Фёдор Решетников / Государственная Третьяковская галерея, Москва.

Postcard, 1953.
My collection.

* Fyodor Reshetnikov was a prominent Soviet painter.

* The description of the picture "Arrived for the Holidays":  In this picture we see a pupil of a Suvorov school who has come home for the winter holidays.  In the foreground we see the boy and his grandfather. The boy has just come. He is standing at attention. He is glad to have come home. Perhaps he is reporting to his grandfather about his marks. Evidently he is a good pupil. He is glad to tell his grandfather about his good marks. He is smiling. The grandfather is standing at attention, too. Evidently he served in the army when he was young. He is listening to the boy's report. He must be pleased to hear about his grandson's good marks.  In the background we see the boy's sister. She is standing at the table and looking at her brother. She is very glad to see him. We cannot see the boy's parents. Perhaps they are at work. In the corner we can see a fir-tree decorated for the New Year. The family is ready to see the New Year in.
- From Internet.

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