10 December 2013

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. 1981

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. Bratsk Dam.
Bratski Hüdroelektrijaam.
Братская ГЭС.

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. The Turbine Hall.
Bratski HEJ masinasaal.
Братская ГЭС. Машинный зал.

Postcards, 1981.
My collection.

See also: Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. 1979

* The Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station (also referred to as 50 years of Great October) is a concrete gravity dam on the Angara River and adjacent hydroelectric power station. It is the second level of the Angara River hydroelectric station cascade in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. From its full commissioning in 1967, the station was the world’s single biggest power producer until Canada's Churchill Falls was opened in 1971. - Wikipedia.

* Bratsk Sea = Bratsk Reservoir.

From the set "On the Bratsk Sea".
Postkaardikogumikust  "Bratski merel".
Из комплекта открыток "На Братском море".

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